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It's Spring Break.

Well, I am now on Spring Break. I welcomed a couple days off, but I want to be back in class. I'm studying in the Library (taking a break to write this). I can't believe I am almost halfway done with school. Wow. Time sure does fly. I am really excited for my trip tomorrow. If this all works out, it will be an extremely good career move for me. From what I hear, it's a great place to work, good advancement opportunities, progressive protocols, decent pay, etc. :-) The real benefit for me will be the several flight programs in the area. That is what I want to do. I can't believe that in a month and a half, I will hit the halfway point of Paramedic School, I love school and enjoy going, but I just want it to be OVER. We're studying Trauma now, it's pretty cut and dry (no pun intended) but there is a lot to learn. We start ITLS when we come back from break. It will be my first ALS certification. :-) I'm excited. I'm extremely nervous about the final. It's a lot of pressure, if we don't pass ITLS or the final practical, we can't go on. I'm not worried about the written tests, I usually do relatively well on them. I'm scared about the practical, but I'm preparing myself by having my friends run me through scenarios. :-) I will be ready to kick ass and take names! :-D

My RT Rotation

Well...I had another clinical yesterday...I had my RT (Respiratory Therapy)Rotation/Clinical...It was AWESOME!!!! I'll start from the beginning....I arrived at the hospital about 10 minutes early. Went up to Respiratory Therapy and introduced myself and got assigned to Mike. I got briefed on what we'd be doing and if I had any questions. No real questions yet. We went to the CCU to give out breathing treatments and do some ABGs. I learned about a few of the patients and what their medical problems were. Some of them were just plain sad. Mike was really nice and explained a lot about the vents that most of these patients were on as well as most of the meds. He quizzed me a little and he was happy I knew my stuff. (Studying 2 hours a night FTW!!!!) I saw one patient with like 8 IV lines running. I recognized most of the meds. :) Yay me! He was also on a vent so he showed me how the inline suction works on the vents. He had me do some lung sounds, I told him what I heard, he confirmed that I was right. :) We then went to another room to visit a pt who also had multiple issues. We got an ABG from her and then went back to the lab, he taught me a couple of really cool things about how to read them and how to tell if they were in metabolic acidosis or respiratory acidosis. We went back to the floor to get another ABG from a patient who was in REALLY bad shape. The nurse was talking about how he went into a Rhythm called "Torsades de Pointes"....my eyes lit up and I was like "really?!", she showed me a strip of it and said I could copy it provided I blacked out the name. I managed to copy it in a way that the name did not show, I showed her and thanked her profusely then Mike and I went on our merry way. Then we took a little break and he showed me some of the toys they get to use, he showed me a Glide Scope....I was in awe. It was awesome. The Glide Scope is basically a laryngyscope blade and handle with a camera on it, so cool!!!!! He also showed me a couple of other really cool things. We then got called for a Code Blue so off we ran! This patient had been coding off and on for the past 2 hours, the first time we saw him, he DID NOT look good AT ALL and the nurses informed me of all the meds he had on board and what all they had given him. It was A LOT of drugs. :-( His color was horrible, they told me what happened and thought he was going to die within an hour but the family wasn't ready to let him go yet. He coded again for the final time when we got called to assist. I jumped in and helped with compressions, I did about 10 and the Doctor called him. :-( The family wasn't there and I couldn't help but wonder if he held on long enough so his family didn't have to see him die. After that, we went to dinner and talked about what I learned. After dinner it was time for my rotation to be over. :-( I thanked him and the rest of the RTs. He gave me a 100% for my grade and I went home. I had an awesome time, felt very welcomed by them so I am going to talk to my clinical instructor to see if there is a way to compliment my preceptor because he was so awesome and taught me a lot. All in all, it was an awesome clinical, I got to listen to lung sounds, assist with breathing treatments and help out with CPR. I left feeling very accomplished and excited. My classmates said their RT clinical was boring...MINE CERTAINLY WASN'T!!!! I HAD A BLAST!!!! I called Chris and he got annoyed because I wouldn't shut up about my clinical. Poor guy. ;-) Well, i'm going to go....I have work to do. TTYL Everyone!

Busy busy busy!!!

Wow....What a long 3 weeks it's been. I've done nothing but school it seems. But, as a result, i'm doing really well in school. I got signed off on IVs, so I was cleared to start my IV clinicals, which I have started. My first one was last night, it went really well I think! I got 2 IVs and probably a dozen blood draws. Not many people needed IVs, only 3, I missed one, oh well, it happens. :-) We were busy last night, I was aggressive when it came to getting my sticks, so when ever I heard of a new patient going into a room, I asked if they needed blood drawn or an IV started, it worked because nurses saw I could do it and they were hunting me down to stick people. :) The one i'm most proud of so far is the 18g I started in one patient's AC. He had something serious going on, so the pressure was on. I sunk the 18 in, he bled some, but the nurse and tech said not to be embarrassed, it happens, especially with the larger bore IVs and that I did an awesome job. :) That made me feel warm and fuzzy. I missed a couple, but the ones I missed, even someone else had trouble with, so I didn't feel too bad. :) Overall, I left feeling accomplished and that maybe I can make it through after all. :)

Amy FTW!!!!

Well...I had my first practical test today....It was on intubation...I GOT A 100!!!!! Our lab instructor (who seemed hell bent on picking on me today, lol) set it up as a "woman down", we had to do the assessment, she wasn't breathing but had a pulse. OK. So we needed to put an airway adjunct in. I put the OPA in. :-) We also had to breathe for her, ok, did that. But, we also needed to intubate this patient. So, while my invisible partner took over bagging the patient, I set up my intubation equipment. Everything was good. My instructor/med control/proctor told me that I have permission to intubate. I go in, sweep to the left, lift the jaw, see my landmarks and slide that puppy right in. *bang!!* first shot, good tube on the first try. ;-) Oh yeah, go me, go me, go me.... *does a little happy dance for getting my intubation right on the first try*...Thats not all, we also had to suction the airway through the tube. So, I finish my scenario, go through the tube confirmation steps and my instructor says I got full points!!!! w00t w00t! Who's good? Oh yeah, who's good? LOL...Coming back down to Earth now...The scenario was relatively easy, but i'm still extremely proud of myself! So now...I'm all official...I can do my intubations in the OR. We need 6. I'm going in with my head held high and going in confident. I start my OR clinicals on March 21. I have 2. I'm really excited! During lecture, we did more airway stuff, we start crics on Thursday. Yay!!!!

The PVC Challenge Round 2

We did pediatric intubations today! I hope that I never have to do one in real life, but I know the day will come where I will have a SIDS call. :( I don't think I've met a Paramedic who has been a Paramedic for more than a year who has not had one. It happens. It sucks too. I'm so thankful that I never got one. But, i'm sure my day will come where my partner and I will get toned out for the "baby not breathing" call. Anyways....I got all my tubes today!!!! I didn't miss one!!!! :-D We also did nasal and digital intubation. I found digital intubation to be extremely easy with the exception of the dummy's teeth scraping my knuckle. And yes, I was a good little student and was wearing my proper BSI. ;-) Oh well. I'll be ok. Just a flesh wound. ;-) All in all...I've had a fantastic week at school! It's a lot of fun and i'm learning a lot!!! I love it!!!! It was a very long day today, I'm beyond exhausted. I got a B on my test. :-( Oh well, I brought it on myself, I should've studied more. I'll do better next time. :-)

The PVC Challenge

We intubated today! It was awesome! I even got the tube on the first try! w00t w00t!!! I only missed one. The only one I missed was when our instructor put the intubation heads on the floor and had us intubate them there. Most patients we will need to intubate are on the floor or the stretcher. So, as of today, I am 4/5 on intubations. :-) I'm extremely proud of myself. I felt my self-confidence SOAR after getting my first ever tube on my first ever try. :-) I am feeling more like I can do this every day I go to class and realize I can do these skills. :-) On Thursday we're doing more intubations and in lecture we have a test. Yay for me, goody gumdrops. I should do well though, it's EMT stuff. I can do it. :-)

The First Week

Well...It is the end of my first week as a second semester Paramedic Student. I had to stay home today because I was sick. I think I was more upset about staying home than the cold I have, and I absolutely HATE being sick. But, what do ya do? There is a cold going around, and I managed to catch it. I'm already feeling better after spending pretty much all day in bed. On Tuesday, we went over the rules of the class and then in Lab, we played around with BLS airways. Wow, that brought back memories. LOL. I haven't done any of those since EMT school. My friend Ginna said they went over a chapter this morning and then in her lab, started on intubations. Boo. I really wanted to be there, but I felt like death warmed over after standing up this morning. So, I called my instructors and went back to bed. I woke up again around noon feeling a lot better. I'm still feeling kind of icky, but much better than this morning. :-) I should be back in action on Tuesday...Kicking ass and taking names. :-)

As 2009 Draws to a Close...

2010 is almost here! Yay!!! I can't wait. Except for getting into Paramedic School, meeting Chris and meeting a couple other people...2009 SUCKED!!!!! But...2010 will be an extremely good year...I WILL BE GRADUATING IN DECEMBER!!!! Yay!!!!! School starts back January 11. I'm excited. I'm probably one of the few people who look forward to going to school. We will be learning a bunch of cool stuff this semester. We will be doing IVs (on each other...ick!) and also intubating people in the OR. We also get to do our trauma center clinical, I'm really looking forward to that one! That is one I will totally be doing on a Friday/Saturday night with a full moon. Yes...A full moon DOES make a difference. At least to me anyway! LOL. It does feel like we're busier/all the crazies come out with the full moon. But, who knows? All I know is I am excited for 2010 to get here...The main reason is...I WILL BE GRADUATING!!! I can't wait for the day where I dress up in my cap and gown and walk across the stage. Then, to celebrate, Chris and I will be going on a cruise. We initially decided on Las Vegas, but we've been keeping an eye on prices and we just can't afford to do it. We probably could, but we wouldn't be able to do much. So, we decided on a cruise after I looked at those. $579 per person for one week, to the Caribbean, but that's not the best part...Our stateroom will have a balcony!!! Woohoo! We wanted a suite, but that's almost twice as much, so, we settled on the balcony room. We'd kill each other in one of the interior rooms, so we're spending the extra $100 to get a balcony. :-) Also, cruises include all of your food, unless you wanted to eat in the really posh restaurant that serves lobster tails and what not. But even then, that's only $30. We'll be doing that in Jan 2011, I would like to go in December, but the prices drop dramatically in January. So, we'll spend the money we save on souvenirs and probably alcohol. LOL. So, all in all, I can't wait for 2010 to get here. I will be knee deep in Medic School, but i'll probably enjoy it!

Finals Continued

I'm finally done with finals!!!! I passed EVERYTHING!!!! I got above the class average on my Intro to Paramedic final, so I'm happy with that. I feel I could've done better, but what is done is done. I will end up with an A in that class. :-) Pharmacology final was tonight. I think I did well on it. :-) I got B's on both my Medical Terminology and A&P finals. I will end up with C's in those classes. :-( I missed some work because I was too busy recovering from surgery and the professor wouldn't let me make it up. But, I managed to pass and never have to take those wretched AGAIN!!!! But, whatever. I'm moving on to MEDIC 1!!!!! YAY!!!! I'm so friggin' happy! We will get to do clinicals for sticks and what not, so I'm extremely excited!!! I've already started reading ahead (as if you all would expect any less from me) and am really getting excited about this upcoming semester. I can't believe that in 1 year, 365 days...I will be DONE and will be preparing to sit for my NREMT-P test. Scary thought!!!! I then decide on where I will go from there. To accomplish my dream of flying, I will need to get some type of degree. Ugh, why can't anything in life ever be simple?! I don't want a friggin degree, I just want my patch. But, I would be willing to get a degree so I can accomplish my dream of flying. Chris has been amazing these past couple weeks. I've been one pulsating ball of stress to the point where I'm taking it out on him because he tries to make a joke and I don't find it funny. I don't mean to, but I just don't feel like anyone understands that all of this is new to me. Kind of like "new mommy" syndrome, but i'm calling it "New Paramedic Student Syndrome". :-p But, he has been very good, cheering me on. :-) He sent me a couple of very sweet texts before (and during!!!) my final tonight. I still have them saved in my phone. It said "You'll make your own luck :) remember, I have faith in you." He sent me that when I told him I made it to school safe and sound and to wish me luck on my final. The other one he sent was "Give em hell baby". Which, I think I did. :-) Today was an all around good day, I got some of my work done and my friend Ginna (a classmate) and I exchanged gifts. I got her a really nice Apple Martini set and she got me an adorable ornament and a leopard print Santa hat. (I am a bit obsessed with leopards) All in all, awesome semester and I can't wait to get started back up again!!! Yes, I love school THAT much, that I actually look forward to going to class!!!! :-)

Finals 1.0

Well, I had my Intro to Paramedic final this morning. 200 questions...YOWZA!!!! It was tedious, not overly difficult, but tedious. I still have my Pharmacology final to go. Hallie and I just got back from Wal-Mart. It's the Wal-Mart grocery store ("Neighborhood Market") thats right near her place. I swear, everytime I go in there, I feel my IQ drop like 20 points. But, we managed to get what we needed and GTFO. I got wine, green beans, rice and mushrooms. Nom nom nom. I'm about to crack open the wine I bought. :-) After the day i've had, I feel I deserve it. LOL. I just want to be done!!!!! Oh well...ONE DOWN, THREE TO GO!!!!!